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The Wind Rises (風立ちぬ Kaze Tachinuscenery

rihime-akane said:
I've never know about studio ghibli and their movies. But after saw your gif i just want to watch it right now!!! Their amazing! Just seeing your gif give me so many feels :"  

I’m very happy about your ask! This makes me wanna keep on with the gifs because I thought of quitting.
I’m not very fond of studio ghibli yet I absolutely love The Wind Rises, From Up On Poppy Hill (wonderful) and Whisper of the Heart. My boyfriend loves studio ghibli and it makes him so happy I feel jealous because I’d really like to feel the movies as he does but I just can’t feel them. Only a few.
Yet I want you to know that The Wind Rises made me cry so much I couldn’t take it. It’s just so beautiful. I’m thinking of making more gifs of the movie.

And thank you so much for everything you said! Love you.

Anonymous said:
hi, do you know where i can download the wind rises but not form torrenting?  

Yes! Here you go, check the link below. To download it click on where it says “solid files” under DOWNLOAD. It’s divided in two parts okay? I haven’t tried the download link myself because I’m on my iPad … Sorry! http://www.animechiby.com/the-wind-rises-kaze-tachinu-dual-audio/#.U9AU-NoaySM (I hate leaving links like this but the iPad won’t let me do it usually)

pressingceaselesslyonward said:
Ill think of another soon enough x)  

Hahah thank you!! So nice of you. I used to love watching anime but nowadays it’s so bad I just can’t ……… it’s so hard to fin a good one.

pressingceaselesslyonward said:
Have you seen the OVA tho? Its called Redial  

Yep! I made some gifs but didn’t put the OVA in my OVA/Movies category, I just tagged it as Mirai Nikki… it was good. But I think at the time I watched it I wasn’t really into much giffin’ so I just watched the episode and made some two or three normal gifs…