pressingceaselesslyonward said:
Ill think of another soon enough x)  

Hahah thank you!! So nice of you. I used to love watching anime but nowadays it’s so bad I just can’t ……… it’s so hard to fin a good one.

pressingceaselesslyonward said:
Have you seen the OVA tho? Its called Redial  

Yep! I made some gifs but didn’t put the OVA in my OVA/Movies category, I just tagged it as Mirai Nikki… it was good. But I think at the time I watched it I wasn’t really into much giffin’ so I just watched the episode and made some two or three normal gifs…

pressingceaselesslyonward said:
Try watching mirrai nikki ^^  

I’ve already watched it tbh! I loved the anime. The thing is I watched it before I made this blog and so…hahaha and everything is mostly giffed from MN I think..

Nothing catches my eye to be giffed. Anime nowadays doesn’t make me feel a thing.